Doug Payton

Doug Payton

For now, it’s just me, Doug Payton. I have been podcasting on and off (mostly off) since late 2004 with the late, lamented blog group “Homespun Bloggers”. That’s when I first heard of podcasting, and I started subscribing to them to find out what I’d been missing.

I found Shire Network News some years later, and when they said they were looking for more contributors to the political podcast, I sent in my audition. That audition was used in the next episode, and I became an official contributor. Over a year later, as the host was having time constraints, I offered to host the show, and did so until the creator of the show was unable to continue with it.

Since then, I’ve been looking for an outlet to do opinion podcasting. I decided, hey, why not start one of my own? Thus began “Consider This!” and the beginnings of “Consider This!” Podcasting.

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Other podcast episodes that Doug has hosted (outside of “Consider This Podcasting”) or has been a guest on (most recent listed first):

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The Blacklist Exposed, episode 34

TV Rewind podcast, episode 236

Ray Ortega’s “The Podcaster’s Roundtable”

Person of Interest Podcast (for Golden Spiral Media)

The Chester’s Mill Gazette – An “Under the Dome” Podcast (for Golden Spiral Media, no longer produced as the TV show ended)

003 – Inside the Studio of the Podcaster – Doug Payton from the Consider This! Podcast Talks Leveling with Auphonic and the Lame Encode

002 – Inside the Studio of the Podcaster – Doug Payton from the Consider This! Podcast Talks Audio Editing with Gold Wave

The Sci-Fi Christian, Episode 212: The Family-Friendly Fiasco

The Sci-Fi Christian, Episode 211: Simon Pegg Joins Monty Python and Other News

Under the Dome Radio: Under the Dome Roundtable