Month: March 2013

Another Project: TVTalk “Person of Interest”

The TVTalk Network is getting started, and I am participating in it’s “Alpha testing” stage. The goal is to record talk shows about TV shows right after they air so the talk show is ready by the morning commute. Android and iOS apps will allow you to find out what’s on TV, leave some feedback for the talk show, and then listen to the show, including other listener feedback. Right now, we’re making recordings, testing out the technology, the format, and the scheduling. The “Beta testing” phase will be this summer, and full release will happen in September, 2013 for the new TV season.

But right now you can listen to the talk shows on the web or through beta versions of the app. Using the beta app is probably for the more technically minded folks (though I’ve been testing both and they seem quite good already), but the web page is always available. Click here to go to TVTalk, click on “Click to Listen”, then pick the Person of Interest show, which I’m co-hosting with Darrell Darnell.

This is not affiliated with Consider This Podcasting. It’s just another program that you can hear me on. I’m excited to be a part of this, and honored to have been accepted as one of the alpha testers.

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