Month: December 2019

A New Theme, A New Podcast

Now we’re really a network!

We are launching a brand new podcast called “What’s neXt”, an aftershow podcast about the upcoming Fox TV series “neXt”. Doug Payton and Karen Lindsay will be co-hosting. They’ve paired up for podcasts about “Under the Dome” and “Timeless” in the past, and they’re back together for this show about a super-intelligent AI that gets to you through that smart speaker on your table.

There is an introductory episode already out that you can listen to on the website. The submissions have been made to a number of podcast directories, and they will be listed on the show’s subscription page as the approvals are made.

With this change, the front page of Consider This Podcasting has received a big overhaul, and it allows you to browse our list of podcasts to find one (or more!) that you like.

After 7 years, we are now truly a network. It’s about time!

Posted by Doug Payton in News